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Turning your existing drawings into land registry compliant plans

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Off Plan Lease Plan FAQs

What is a lease plan?

A lease plan is a scaled drawing that identifies the demise of a leasehold property. It will also include any communal areas and rights of way.

Why do I need a lease plan?

Lease Plans are now a legal requirement. The Land Registration Act 2002 came into force on October 2003, since then new leases of 7 years or more or existing leases sold with 7 years or more unexpired must be registered with Land Registry along with a compliant Lease Plan.

If you are selling your property with a new lease, or are increasing the length of your lease, or if you are extending the demise of your flat (extensions etc) then you will need a new Lease plan.

Why do I need another lease plan if I already have one?

There is a good chance that older lease plans will not comply to the new Land Registry regulations - Land Registration Act 2007. To see examples of a Lease Plan that would not be land registry compliant please visit the Example Plans page .

What does Off Plan Lease Plans do?

Often our clients will already have an accurately drawn scale drawing of their property/properties. As long as this shows all the areas that the lease needs to show (Property, communal areas etc) then we can recreate the scale drawing in a format that is acceptable to the Land Registry.

This saves the need for a site visit to redraw the property, saving over £100 on a single plan and potentially thousands of pounds on multiple plans.

All you need to do is send us your plans and we will check them for free . We will then let you know if we can create new lease plans from your drawings

Are your lease plans Land Registry Compliant?

Absolutely. Our Lease Plans provide everything that is required by the Land Registry

- A scaled plan of the property

- Correctly coloured demise lines showing the property boundaries, communal areas and any rights of way

- An OS site plan

- A North Point

Our plans are tailored to correspond to the wording of the lease.

Why can't I use an estate agents marketing plan?

Estate agents plans are used for marketing purposes, are not generally drawn to scale, and do not have the features that will enable them to be compliant.

What other services do you provide?

As well as producing Land Registry compliant lease plans, we can also provide Land Registry Compliant Title Plans

Can I get a discount?

Absolutely. Please either give us a call or drop us an email to find out about our excellent discount rates

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